Michael Phillips

I grew up in Southern California...

and I attended The Art Center College of Design studying under Master Artists Harry Carmean, Lorser Feitelson, Jack Leynwood, Renaud Brown and others.

I worked in the Advertising world as a Creative Director on major accounts like Taco Bell and Sega Video Games. At the same time I was doing Commercial Illustration jobs and taking on fine art projects. I broke away from the advertising business, around 1996 and now I only work in the fine art arena.

I guess that you would call me an eclectic artist in that I don’t always paint the same subject mater. To me the idea behind the painting is the most important thing. Sometimes words are the inspiration for the painting. Sometimes it’s a memory. I always put some part of my personal life experience into my art.

My award winning work is in the homes of collectors all over the country. We travel to art shows and festivals quite often and you can find a schedule of upcoming events in the “Events” section of this website.

Artist Michael Phillips
Me with a giant Morpho butterfly on my head.

I love what I do.

Michael Phillips: Commercial illustrator has BIG aspirations
Putting the finishing touches on a 6' x 60' mural.
Gallery Exhibition Michael Phillips
I was given an entire wall at the Celebration Gallery in San Diego. It was the #1 rated gallery in town.

What's New

Recently finished projects. Prints will be available soon. Call Michael for more info at (805) 231-1224.

“Unfinished Symphony.” Original 48″ x 60″ acrylic paints on canvas. $50.00 – $650.00


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